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About Nadia & Her Vision

Nadia moved into the world of spiritual development not unlike most.  She grew up in a state of disconnect and depression, never quite being able to recognize the source.  It wasn't until she uncovered a significant repressed childhood trauma that she discovered she had also repressed a great number of healing abilities as well.


Nadia holds an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and spent many years working in the legal field.  After deciding that it was time to finally change careers into something more fulfilling, she went on to obtain her Licence in Massage Therapy from the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, specializing in Craniosacral Therapy. 

Upon graduation, Nadia felt unsure of where to go next in her life.  Massage was a natural talent, but still left her feeling a need to go deeper in developing her abilities.  This is when she made the decision to attend ceremony with a Sacred Plant Medicine that had been calling to her, Ayahuasca.   After her first Ayahuasca retreat, her life path was clear, she could no longer ignore her call as a Shaman.  She spent the following year volunteering at a local Ayahuasca retreat and facilitating with private ceremonies.  She also attended training with a Shipibo Maestro over the course of several months.  In her Plant Medicine space, she works with a Sacred Feminine method of ceremony and enjoys facilitating alongside Shipibo tradition.  She continues to work closely with Plant Medicines of all kinds, as well as with integration of that medicine work.     

In the winter of 2018, Nadia was called to relocate to the Portland, Oregon area and open a Sanctuary space to assist others on their Shamanic path.  She is currently in the process of locating property to offer regular services and establishing a 501c3.  This space will be for community Spiritual Healing, Ceremony and refuge for those who feel called to be involved.   At this time, the church is mobile and services are held regularly in nearby parks and private homes.  Stay tuned for more information on the Sanctuary in the coming months!  

Nadia's Credentials:
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Florida
Bodywork for PTSD Training
Craniosacral Therapy (over 72 hours of advanced training)
Psychotropic Plants Certification
Reiki Master Certification
Animal Reiki Certification
Pranic Healing Certification
Spiritual Healer Certification
Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church
In Progress :
Shadow Work Practitioner Diploma