Angie Duplis,
Ceremony Facilitator

Angie is one of our traveling Facilitators and has been working with Sacred Heart since 2018.  Angie's first initiation into the world of Energy Healing was through Reiki.  Reiki is a form of energy healing; often referred to as universal life force or universal energy.  This life force is found everywhere and in all things.  As a system of healing, practitioners are drawing upon this energy from the Universe, which is limitless and ever abundant.  After she received her Certification as a Reiki Master, she went on to become certified in Animal Reiki as well.

Knowing she needed to go deeper, Angie felt called to study something of an indigenous nature and to do so learning under someone in a more apprentice type of setting.  After setting that intention, the Universe delivered Shaman John Moore (Heart of the Condor) into her life.  From John she received the Munay-Ki, a series of sacred rites based on the practices of the Q’ero Shamans of Peru.


To receive a rite, one must first journey inward to identify, connect with and begin healing their own wounds.  The Paqo, or student, “walks the Mesa” – to carry the medicine bundle through each Sacred direction: South, West, North, and East; each associated with a different set of experiences to be faced.  A graduate of this process can be known by many different names: Mesa Carrier, Medicine Person, Pampa Mesayok.


Angie has most recently been working with the teachings of Brooke Castillo, Joe Dispenza, and processing trauma work through methods learned from Mastin Kipp.

Learning and healing are both lifelong processes; and Angie feels honored by each individual who chooses to step into this journey with her.

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