Anna Axlund,

Anna's path to personal healing and spiritual growth began as early as she can remember.  Affected by chronic fatigue and widespread pain by her early thirties, she set out to learn how she could heal herself naturally.  Exercise, nutrition and other therapeutic services were all very helpful on this journey. 


However, none of these served her better than discovering her deepest truths and trusting her own inner knowing.

As a natural born healer, the world of Shamanism has been a challenging and rewarding experience.  Working with sacred plants in ceremony has helped Anna to get to the root of some of her deepest traumas, clear away faulty belief structures,  and move deeper into a space of empowerment, authenticity, love and compassion.  She is feeling honored to support others on their journeys in providing a safe, non-judgmental space for reflection, insight, personal healing and development.

Anna is a highly intuitive energy reader, healer and channel.  She works with sound therapy and Reiki in her personal practice outside of Sacred Heart.  Her other work can be found here:

Anna will be available for Ceremony in late 2021.



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