Eric Doe,


Eric, a Veteran from the United States Navy and full time Financial Consultant, approaches healing work from a different space than the other Facilitators at Sacred Heart.   He has a soothing grounded masculine presence that confidently pinpoints the part of the self that is not being acknowledged, without any of the "woo".  He is learning to facilitate in the Plant Medicine Ceremony space but enjoys working outside of Psilocybin Mushroom Ceremony with experimental style processing.  He is very skilled in directing a person to look at that parts of themselves they are having a hard time connecting with.


Eric's passion lies in helping men with shadow work, men's integration circles and childhood trauma healing.  He has a formal educational background in Physics and has been professionally trained as a Shadow Work Facilitator.  Eric has also had the pleasure to work with both Mankind Project and Sacred Sons .  He is available for one-on-one work and is also a Co-Facilitator in the Ceremonies offered by Sacred Heart.


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