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Ceremony with Psilocybin Mushroom

All groups are Facilitated by Nadia and a hand-selected team of healers and facilitators.  Each group will have different healing modalities present, different plants, and different Ceremony rituals depending on the individual needs of the group.  Everything is customized for each Ceremony.  

A group Ceremony is quite different from a one-on-one experience.   Being present in a group setting can offer the opportunity to go deep within, but it is also very communal.  You have the opportunity to witness and be witnessed, share the profound Ceremony experience with others, and connect with other people on a very rare and intimate level.   You will also assist us in working with the collective energy of the planet through the power of a group intention.   These Ceremonies often provide a direct connection to self, connection to others, childhood trauma exploration, soul retrieval, ancestral trauma healing, connection to spirit guides, and so much more.  To read more about Group Ceremony from the perspective of the Shaman, please read this blog:


In general, we find that people get much more out of a group Ceremony than they do in a 1:1 setting.  It also tends to be  profound in ways that are easy to integrate back into your every-day-existence.  However, 1:1 setting is available by request for those who are called to it.  This can be discussed during your initial session with Nadia.

The cost for Group Ceremony typically ranges from $850-$1250 depending on the number of people participating, the staff, and the location.  A group typically involves 8-15 people total, including Facilitators.   Our group container requires a commitment of four nights and three days.  It includes structured spiritual practices, shamanic rituals, two deep ceremonies with plant spirits, all meals, a place to sleep, and emotional and spiritual support.  Additional hands-on healing, shamanic diagnosis, and spiritual counseling are also available at no cost. 


Unfortunately, this price is not tax-deductible because it is a set cost for our Ceremony service.  We believe in transparent financial exchange for our work instead of calling it a " required donation" because that's not what it is.  If you wish to make a donation above and beyond the Ceremony cost, that is tax deductible and we happily accept it!

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