Group Psilocybin Mushroom Ceremony


While we wait for the purchase and construction of our new facility, we are only able to host group Ceremony with Plant Medicine when we are invited to do so or if we come upon an appropriate space. 


In 2021, we have the following group Ceremonies available:


July 17-18

Battleground, Washington



October 8-10

Battleground, Washington

Two night Ceremony with Sound Healing



November 6-7

Battleground, Washington

This group is for Veterans, Military and Law Enforcement only.

(This will be rescheduled for a future date)

Other dates may pop up as well and we recommend following us on Instagram or Facebook to stay informed.   

Group Ceremony is quite different than the one-on-one experience.  In a private one-on-one Ceremony, you are able to go really deep into yourself and have a super tight container for that connection.  It is great for people who have a significant amount of soul trauma.  It tends to be very profound and vulnerable, but also very private.  Group Ceremony can feel the same for many people, but it is also very communal.  You share the Ceremony, experiences and energy with one another, you get to experience connection with others on a very intimate and beautiful level and you assist us in working with the collective energy of the planet through the power of a group. 


In general, we suggest pursuing the option that calls to you and your heart.  That's the best way to approach this work regardless of how you came to it!


 Every person sitting in Ceremony is required to have a consultation in advance to schedule  any work with us that involves working with Mushrooms as Sacrament.  


If you are interested in hosting a group on your own property or have a group of people who have been looking to work with a Plant Medicine Shaman, please reach out to collaborate!

The cost for group Ceremony ranges from $500 per person to $850 per person, depending on the size of the group, accommodations and location.  We hope to make this option more financially accessible through grants in the future.

Looking for something just for you? Read about our Private One-on-One Ceremony instead.  

A note about Integration:

We do no specialize in integration or any type of therapy.  Our focus and skillset is on Ceremony services,  shamanic tools and perspective exclusively.  We advise that you set up work with a therapist or Integration specialist following  Ceremony with Sacred Heart if you need additional support.