Group Psilocybin Mushroom Ceremony


All groups are Facilitated by Nadia and a hand-selected team.  Please check our calendar for upcoming dates. 

Group Ceremony is quite different than a one-on-one experience.   Group can offer the opportunity to go deep within for many people, but it is also very communal.  You share the Ceremony, experiences and energy with one another, you get to experience connection with others on a very intimate and beautiful level and you assist us in working with the collective energy of the planet through the power of a group.  To read more about Group Ceremony from the perspective of the Shaman, please read this blog:


In general, we suggest pursuing the option that calls to you and your heart.  That's the best way to approach this type of Ceremony.

A note about Integration:

We do no specialize in integration or any type of therapy.  Our focus and skillset is on Ceremony services,  shamanic tools and perspective exclusively.  We advise that you set up work with a therapist or Integration specialist following  Ceremony with Sacred Heart if you need additional support.  You can find our recommended practitioners here