Shamanic Healing Through Touch

Reiki Treatment

Let's face it, one of the best feelings one can experience in life is a healing touch.  This offering is woven throughout all services at Sacred Heart, depending on your Facilitator. 


Nadia currently offers hands-on healing in individual sessions.   She often has the ability to see within the body, pinpointing the organ or chakra that is imbalanced and is able to provide guidance on how to correct it Shamanically.  A session with Nadia includes a clearing, healing, or counseling session, depending on what is needed.  

A full reading of the body and soul will be provided during this session, offering guidance or insight on what is being cleared and recommendations on how to move forward.

This session is a  45-75 minute hands-on healing experience.   Cost is $125 per session.

Please contact Nadia for more information or to book your session now.  There is no consultation required for this work.