Henry Fields,
Ceremony Facilitator 

Henry is a lifelong student of spiritual mysteries and a diagnosed narcoleptic.  He believes the symptoms associated with his condition were an early initiation into shamanism.  He regularly experienced astral travel, lucid dreaming, cataplexy and sentient contact during his childhood.  These experiences gave him a deep drive to better understand consciousness.  He was a voracious reader of esoteric subjects as he sought to reconcile his experiences with a born-again Christian upbringing. 


Henry began playing guitar at age twelve.  His spiritual curiosity and a life-size poster of Jimi Hendrix led him to L.S.D in the 9th grade.  He was deeply inspired by his experiences of heightened awareness, creativity and interconnection.  With a naïve young head full of Tim Leary, he began organizing psychedelic parties in order to open the doors of perception for others. 




















In his early thirties, while pursuing a music career in Los Angeles, he reached a dead end from constant drug experimentation without embodied wisdom.  He began regularly practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness to support his newfound sobriety.  He slowly gained experiential understanding of perennial wisdom through practice and the gems given by yoga teachers, twelve step sponsors and Michael Beckwith of the Agape International Spiritual Center. He also had a life changing Kundalini experience around this time.  The surge of energy gave him the ability to move blocked energy in others through intuitive touch. 

After a decade of sobriety, he finally followed a strong urge to experience Ayahuasca to Peru.  He experienced the Medicine’s clear instruction and the Shipibo Maestro’s ability to unwind trauma with medicine songs. He returned from Peru and continued to drink Ayahuasca in communities he discovered in Los Angeles.  Although the experiences were profound, he was still struggling with what the medicine was illuminating.  Ironically, it was the same notion that had been an obstacle in twelve step work.  He was being asked to completely surrender. 


Henry started his own company, Inward Dive Hypnosis and Intuitive Counseling,  after finally connecting to his guides and being willing to walk the path of a healer.  Outside of his work with Sacred Heart, he offers intuitive counseling, shadow work, meditation coaching and more extensive post-journey integration.  He also learned to bring a prayer like intentionality to his musicianship and is excited to share this with others.  Henry would say he specializes in sexual trauma, transitions surrounding mid-life changes, connecting artists to The Muse and shifting focus from seeking external sources of validation to internal access to the source.


Henry is excited to bring his gifts of healing touch, music and intuitive shamanic counseling to his facilitator position at Sacred Heart Medicine.  If you wish to work with Henry in the Ceremony space, please schedule a consultation with any Facilitator using the button below. 

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