It's Time for a Change

There are a lot of systemic issues in our Country, including the way we treat our mental health.  We all know we need a Mental Health System reform, but no one knows where to start.  I suggest we start here, with healing on a soul level and out of the Medical System entirely.  All mental health ailments are a result of separation within self, and all are caused by trauma.  That's where Shamanic healing can help!
Here are some informational graphics I have created to help spread the word about how to understand trauma, how to work with it using Shamanic Healing and how Mental Health should be treated.  I will continue to add more, so please check back!  These infographs are available for you to share and all I ask is that you give credit to Sacred Heart Medicine Sanctuary.  The more we work together, the greater the change we can create.
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trauma healing with psychedelics
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