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Infographics to Share

Here are some informational graphics we have created to help spread the word about how to understand trauma from a Shamanic Perspective, Shamanic Healing, Psilocybin Ceremony and other related topics. 
We will continue to add more, so please check back!  These infographs are available for you to share and all I ask is that you give credit to Sacred Heart Medicine Sanctuary. 

The more we work together, the greater the change we can create.

shamanic healing for trauma
psychedelic therapy
shamanic healing
trauma healing with psychedelics
trauma healing with psychedelics
psychedelic therapy
Natural versus Synthetic 1.png
psilocybin therapy
why people use psilocybin therapy for depression or PTSD
How mushroom ceremony really looks
What mushroom ceremony is really like
Psilocybin Relief Symptoms
Take a look at my Canva design!.png
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