One of the greatest gifts for a shaman is the ability to communicate with plant spirits.  Our plant allies are here to support us during our time on this planet and they offer both healing and wisdom to those who are truly willing to listen.  From Eucalyptus and Rose to Ayahusca and Mushrooms, each plant has a unique gift to share.  At Sacred Heart, we show you how to bring in plant allies to help support you through your healing process.  This is often done in several different capacities, depending on a person's individual needs.  Plant Medicine support may be offered in the following ways:

  • Personalized Tea or Tincture 

  • Rape' Sacred Tobacco Ceremony

  • Plant Dieta Guidance and Support

  • Microdosing Support

  • One-on-one Plant Medicine Ceremony

  • Group Plant Medicine Ceremony

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Integration Support


Integration support is offered by both Nadia and Eric.  While Nadia has extensive experience with the Integration portion of Spirit Plant Medicine Work, Eric is more familiar with the Shadow Work and Cognitive style of Integration.  Session should be booked with whomever feels like a better fit for you.


Integration is the practice of taking all aspects of yourself, both known and unknown, wounded and healed, and bringing them together to allow for wholeness.  Integration time and space is essential to getting any lasting benefit from Shadow Work or Plant Medicine Work.   Think of it as getting all versions of yourself together at a table to figure out how to best work with one another instead of against.  

In the Plant Medicine world, Integration is often needed following a journey to fully understand what transpired during the ceremony and how to understand or best proceed with the messages that were received.  More about Plant Medicine Integration here

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