Kip Killpack,

Ceremony Facilitator 

Kip comes to us from quite a different background - he would describe himself as a previous Mormon zealot.  Not the kind that tries to convert you, rather one that is internally rigidly perfectionistic, and on the leadership track to becoming the next Bishop.  At the same time the church instilled deep shame and self-loathing around sexuality inside him which eventually led to a painful divorce, suicidal ideation, inpatient treatment, and leaving the Mormon faith.

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As Kip's world crumbled, he began the seekers journey. He followed his intuition to gifted female healers who helped him see he had given his power to the church. They showed him a self actualizing path towards claiming all parts of himself as his own.  While seeking, Kip was called to plant medicine gradually.  He began working with intentional Cannabis, moving to an Ayahuasca retreat, a Peyote journey, and finally to Psilocybin mushroom ceremonies.  He developed a new spirituality based on trusting self, mindfulness, intuition, and grounded connection to Earth and Nature.  He opened to new forms of healing like ecstatic dance, art, creative writing, and Tantra.  Kip blossomed into gender exploration in which he fluctuates between masculine and feminine expression… learning to love and accept both aspects of himself.  Finding such freedom and joy by breaking free of former constraints led Kip to the role of the wounded healer, with an intense desire to help guide others along similar paths to freedom.


Kip creates a safe space to 'let go' during Ceremony by bringing a non-judgmental grounded masculine and tender feminine presence to his work.  He helps release and free through expression with music, movement, dance, and art.  For example, he may draw a symbolic picture with messages for the sojourner.


He specializes in holding space for religious trauma exploration, from sexual shame and oppression/repression, gender exploration, to letting go of judgement and rigidity.  He  enjoys helping people step out of their internal and external constraints to embrace who they truly are.

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