Natalie Stevens,
Ceremony Facilitator 

Natalie joined the Sacred Heart team in early 2020, after feeling the call to learn how to facilitate Plant Medicine Ceremony in the Shamanic capacity.  Natalie has always been on a spiritual and healing journey and it has led her to working with us.


She began that journey by working with people with disabilities and then moving on into the mental health field with combined 16 years of human service work. During her work, she could sense that there was another way to help people get to the core of their healing and breakthrough trauma instead of treating their symptoms.  Throughout her career, she received messages and dreams indicating that she would be working with Plant Medicine and clients someday.


One of Natalie’s gifts is that she plays the role of a mirror for her clients, assisting them in truly seeing themselves. As a mirror, Natalie is able to see barriers and gently reflects people’s power, authentic selves and true paths.  She is also gifted with dreams that guide her when working with clients, as they provide insight about what needs to be healed.


She has more recent experience working with Reiki and has been facilitating both Private and Group Ceremony with Sacred Heart.  


Natalie’s calling has always been helping people to live a fulfilling life and continues that path in this modality. 

"If you find yourself reading reviews for a place like Sacred Heart Medicine, well, there's a reason for that, right? It's a step on a path. I went through ceremony with Natalie, and am very glad I did. Whether you come at this with a highly particular issue that you want to learn more about, or whether it is part of a more general exploration (for me it was the latter), this experience is invaluable. Natalie is now in my pantheon of favorite people. She is extremely good at what she does."

 - Scott C.

"I had a beautiful foundational experience with Natalie. I recommend this to anyone looking for insight into their inner workings."

-Sean P

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