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Plant Medicine

Fresh Herbs
Plant Dietas
Banisteriopsis Caapi
Rapé (Sacred Tobacco)

One of the greatest gifts for a shamanic practitioner is the ability to communicate with plant spirits.  Our plant allies are here to support us during our time on this planet and they offer both healing and wisdom to those who are truly willing to listen.  From Eucalyptus and Rose to Ayahuasca and Mushrooms, each plant has a unique gift to share.  At Sacred Heart, we show you how to bring in plant allies to help support you through your healing process.  This is often done in several different capacities, depending on a person's individual needs.  Plant Medicine support may be offered in the following ways. 


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All Plant Medicine work is readily available in and around the Vancouver, WA area.  All traveling Ceremonies will be periodically announced.


 Participation in our community or 1:1 Shamanic work with Nadia is required to discuss and book any work with Plant Medicine Ceremony involving Psilocybin Mushrooms as Sacrament.  We do not sell Psilocybin Mushrooms, nor do we schedule anyone seeking a trip sitter for a recreational experience.  This work is sacred to us and will continue to be available in a Ceremony setting exclusively.

A note about Integration:

We do not specialize in integration or any type of therapy.  Our focus and skillset are on Ceremony services,  shamanic tools, and shamanic perspective exclusively.  We advise that you set up work with a therapist or Integration specialist following  Ceremony with Sacred Heart if you need additional support. We have a list of resources on this page if you need support.

Not sure how to proceed?  You can read more about our work in  Group Ceremony on the Blog here.

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