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A Shamanic Perspective on Microdosing

I really struggled with wanting to start this blog by saying “Everything you think you know about Microdosing is wrong!” I can’t, but only because nothing is inherently wrong. However, the information out there is more limiting than you might expect, so a more accurate statement would be that I want to talk about how you can do Microdosing better, deeper and way beyond expectation! I can’t tell you how many people come to me after their google searching or book reading and think they’ve reached the depth of what microdosing can offer. They are right because the reality is that you rarely scratch the surface with the commonly used approaches to microdosing.

In our 3D reality, where science rules, the information about how to microdose is limited to what can be proven, what can be repeated, the opinions of a handful of scientists, recreational users, or people who simply haven’t been exposed to any kind of ancient wisdom. It is based on A+B=C. This is the way of our earth plane. This is the way of logic, the masculine, high density and our 3D existence.

For me, Microdosing is a deeply spiritual and Shamanic experience and today, I want to discuss a few thoughts on how to take Microdosing to a different level.

Plant are Teachers that require Respect and Reciprocation

First, and most importantly, I want to address this idea that we can “use microdosing to gain ______ effect”. This can be creativity, energy, connection, clarity, etc. I want to be super clear in saying that if you are using these plants/fungi to gain a desired effect, you are embodying a very toxic energy that literally uses the spirit of another being for your personal gain. Ultimately, you will pay the price for this karmically now or in the future.

If you want to make the most of microdosing, you are best to do so with the energy and mindset of respect. You are coming to a great and ancient spirit, one that holds more wisdom than you can imagine and can open doors one only dreams of. When you come to this space from a place of respect and reverence for that teacher, the outcome is far beyond a momentary enjoyment of creativity.

Think of working with these plants as you would approach making a new friend. Your level of participation, respect, time and consideration is what builds the friendship. How are you treating your plants and would you treat your human friends the same way? How much time and effort are you putting into the friendship? How much respect do you have for the other spirit in this relationship? What are you willing to give up in order to get the things you are asking for? Is it time? Outdated belief systems? Stubbornness? Your ego?

The only way into the land of Magic and Mystery is through genuine respect for the gatekeeper of that magic.

Read that last line again because it’s the most important thing I will say in this blog.


Hands down one of the most important aspects of microdosing is the act of creating a Ceremony around every single dose. There needs to be a fair amount of time and intention around each moment that you engage with any plants or fungi. Are you taking it and then carrying on with your day, or are you sitting with it for an ample amount of time (60-120 minutes)? Are you asking permission to work with these spirits? Are you thanking them? If you are seeking solutions to your problems, are you allowing yourself time and space to hear the answers? Is this how you would treat a friend or partner you are establishing a relationship with?

“I am going to consume you and allow you to “enhance” my day, but I won’t sit down and engage with you first, I won’t allow space to listen to the things you have to say or show me. I won’t say thank you or ask your permission.”.

This is commonly what I see. Please, for the love of god, don’t do this.

If you wouldn’t take a full dose of mushrooms and just carry on with your day, why would you do that with a microdose? The dosing here is literally irrelevant, your intention and care for this sets the stage for