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The Portals Between Heaven and Earth

Woo alert. This post goes far into the spiritual/shaman side of my work. Read at your own risk!

I have many things that I love about the work I do. I love that I learn the secrets of the universe again and again. I love that when I think I’ve got a good grasp on how reality works, I am shown a greater depth that blows my mind into a million new pieces. I love that I am forced to look at my own shadow and I love helping people connect to who they truly are under their masks. But.. I think I have found a new thing to love.

Something big has been brewing for me over the past two months. It started with a meditation where I was shown that I would be working with portals, bringing energy in from some alternate dimension to heal the collective of souls here on earth. I was told on a separate occasion that I was going to “bring heaven to earth”. If you know me at all, you’ll know that this bit is hilarious. If you said something crazy like that I would be working with heaven or angels three years ago, I would have hit the pavement running as fast as I could from this path. Angels were too far into woo for me. Until now lol.

I didn’t know what any of this meant, but it was weeks of my mind being cracked open and expanded again and again. I felt like I was on the brink of psychosis for weeks and I wasn’t going to make it through to the other side. I have worked with portals previously in my role as a Shaman (one who supposedly travels into other dimensions with ease), but nothing compared to what I experienced in Ceremony yesterday. It was so beautiful that I feel like I have to share it.

I’ve come across and walked through some portals that took me to different timelines and some to different dimensions. Sometimes they are gateways to crappy places with things that feed on energy of earth and I can’t figure out how to shut them down. Sometimes I create them to pull in healing energy from a higher dimension to heal someone’s body. Or I open them to cross people over who are stuck here after death. And sometimes my own body opens as a portal to literally suck up energy formations that need to leave our dimension (entities? Demons? I wish I knew. They’re always ugly little buggers who never want to leave) and I birth them back into the place from which they came.

That last one is my least favorite by the way. It’s the worst type of feeling.

Portals are never what I think they’ll be when I encounter them, but they’re always significant when they pop up. So yesterday, I experienced something new, and it was just so beautiful that I want to cry thinking about it.

I have to describe it in metaphor because there’s no other way for it to translate.

I was in ceremony with a gentleman with whom I did not know well and we began the way I always do. After some intensive physical healing and what can only be described as an exorcism, I was shown that I needed to travel to the bottom of the ocean, while simultaneously parting the sea and carrying the weight of it, to open up a doorway for his soul to come in to our dimension. It is the heaviest experience you can imagine, like you are trying to walk through water with the weight of a car on your back. All while maintaining connection and keeping the path clear of stray life forms wanting to latch on for air. I had to steward him back from those depths while maintaining the weight of the water around us because he couldn’t swim. If I left, he would be lost forever in that space between heaven and earth, in the overwhelming heaviness of the in between. When we arrived back to the surface, to our current reality, it was as if his soul was here for the first time. Like he was birthed into his body and seeing his surroundings in real time, something that had never happened before. There was a spark of life that just wasn’t there when we began.

That’s when I was told what I actually do in my work. He had been activated, called in, awakened, and it was my role to pick him up at the doorway to that place we call heaven and deliver him safely here to his body on the earthly plane.

Guys. This is part of my job. I am one of the people who brings souls from heaven to earth. I help them fully step into the body they signed up for and create a bridge for that connection. When it is time for someone to awaken, or to activate, this is the trek we make together.

My mind has been BLOWN.

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