Apprenticeship and Coaching

This is one of those things that can't be summed up in a teeny paragraph, but we want to let you know that it's an option when we have openings. We are often looking for potential Collaborators and Volunteers for Sacred Heart.  We start this work through coaching and apprenticeship.


Nadia's approach is not typical.  She recognizes that while strict traditions do have a place in some cultures, they should not be the rule, but the exception.  We no longer live in tribal culture and we must adapt to that change.

Nadia feels that learning how to listen [to the inner knowing] is the key.  We all have the answers, we all have the connection to God [Source, Love, Divine, You], and with a little a training, we can all access it.  Through her guidance, you will walk a path unique to you, not to a culture that belongs in the past.  You will learn foundational skills as well as how to fine tune your own abilities.


Additionally,  it's important to recognize that many traditions still practice within a toxic masculine/patriarchal system.   This is especially true for many of the peoples that work with Spirit Plant Medicines.  This is a new world, a new time, and a new way is necessary in order for us to collectively move forward.  


Although Nadia is not traditional, she has received lessons in several different traditions and works with aspects of each.  Her teachings vary from Traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca and Amazon Plant knowledge to Eastern European Shamanism, and a few others in between.   

Are you interested in working as a volunteer with Sacred Heart?  Are you seeking help to be the best healer you can be in another area?   The first step is to meet with Nadia and the second step is to sit in Ceremony.  You can start by booking a session with Nadia here.