Private Psilocybin Ceremony

Magic Mushroom Ceremony




Psilocybin therapy is an up and coming treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, end of life care, and countless other conditions.   You may also know it as Psychedelic Therapy, Magic Mushrooms, Mushroom Medicine or Plant Medicine Ceremony.  There is a growing amount of research being conducted on the benefits of the active compounds within this plant and great historical evidence of the same.  We work with Psilocybin Mushrooms to help assist others in connecting with themselves through Mushroom Ceremony.  We do not sell Psilocybin Mushrooms, nor do we schedule anyone seeking a trip sitter for a recreational experience.  This work is sacred to us and our Facilitators will continue to be available in a Ceremony setting exclusively.


Our take on Psilocybin Therapy is this:


To us, it is Mushroom Medicine and it is sacred.  We believe it belongs in the hands of a Shaman or Medicine Carrier.  This plant deserves respect and reverence and working with someone who can provide that guidance is important to your experience.  


A private Ceremony with us is just that - a Ceremony.  It is conducted with great care, intention and collaboration with the plant spirits.   You will be guided by someone who is able to enter that energetic space with you, helping you navigate and holding a safe loving container for you to connect with your inner Divine.   We keep things moving smoothly so that nothing gets "stuck" and each Facilitator has many gifts/abilities that they bring to the table.  Most ceremonies are conducted with one Ceremony Facilitator and one Apprentice.  Male or female presence can be specifically requested.

Think of this Ceremony as a scuba diving lesson.  It is our role to give you the pool, the boat, the wetsuit and to hold the air tube for you as you dive deep into the water.  We can also get in it with you if it's needed and we can give you a killer pep talk, but we can't do it for you.  Sometimes, we can even throw you a flashlight or flippers, but ultimately it is you who must do the dive and us to make sure that you do so safely.  


Working with Psilocybin Mushrooms in a Shamanic setting or with the intent to achieve soul-level healing should not be exclusively available in a clinical setting, through a questionable underground/illegitimate church or "trip sitters".  We aim to provide you with well trained Ceremony Facilitators, transparency, comfort and non-judgmental space for you to heal.  It is what we all deserve.  You can read more about our current legal status here.  


The cost is $1,250 in the greater Vancouver, Washington area.   Cost includes preparation and intention guidance, approximate 5- 10 hour ceremony facilitation and one follow up session to recap the Ceremony.  You will  receive  typed notes on your Ceremony as well as any homework or integration exercises recommended.  It also includes two weeks of post-ceremony support for those who need it.

A note about Integration:

We do not specialize in integration or any type of therapy.  Our focus and skillset is on Ceremony services,  shamanic tools and perspective exclusively.  We advise that you set up work with a therapist or Integration specialist following  Ceremony with Sacred Heart if you need additional support, however, many people do not find that they need specialized support after a Ceremony.  Please see our recommended integration specialists here.

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Follow your heart when choosing a Facilitator, it always knows the way.