Plant Medicine Integration

Plant Medicine Integration

Plant Medicine Integration for work with all plants, including Psilocybin Mushrooms and Ayahuasca, is available on an hourly basis to new and current participants/members at the Sanctuary.  Additionally, it should be noted that integration is a requirement for anyone who sits in Plant Medicine Ceremony with Sacred Heart to ensure that they are fully supported and progressing in a healthy way.   The price of integration following a Ceremony is already built into the cost of the Ceremony and is not extra.


Although Ceremony itself is very significant and life-changing, we believe that integration is even more important.  We, as spirits having a human experience, have incarnated here on earth to have an experience on this plane.  We are living our lives and doing what we signed up to do here on earth, even if we hate to admit that.   Plant Medicine helps us keep that path clear, sometimes providing healing if we have gone astray, so we can keep moving forward.   However, Plant Medicine work can quickly become escapism and spiritual bypassing for anyone not actually willing to look at their trauma or shadow aspects of self.  This is why integration is so important and it is also why we do not support excessive work with Spirit Plant Medicines.  Plant Medicine is subtle and very powerful when we don't try to control it.  When done right, one high quality Private Ceremony with integration guidance can be more beneficial than 100 ceremonies without it.  

Integration is when you take all the new pieces, perspectives and messages you received during your Ceremony and begin applying them to your life.  If this is done, you often do not need to come back to Ceremony frequently because your blocks will be cleared and you will know which path you are to go down next!  If you don't do this, you end up coming back to Ceremony over and over again without really moving forward in life or finding your purpose.  Integration is often said to be the hardest part of Medicine Work and that's why we offer support to help you through it.

This service is also available with all Facilitators on an hourly basis by request.  Please send us a message for more information.


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