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Individual healing services are offered by the Founder and Lead Facilitator of Sacred Heart Medicine. 


Nadia's approach is Shamanic in nature and focused on identifying and working with the the root cause of ailments that may appear in the spiritual, energetic, physical or emotional body.  She is a Spiritual Healer, working with the unseen aspects of illness.  She utilizes Craniosacral (Touch) Therapy, energy work, plant medicine, journey work, spirit communication and other shamanic practices to create an individualized treatment plan.  


Areas of specialization may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Ongoing support for healing facilitators and energy workers

  • Plant Medicine Facilitator Training

  • Those struggling with spiritual awakening, death and rebirth, who are in spiritual crisis  or  navigating the "Dark Night of the Soul"

  • Symptoms and diagnosis of schizophrenia

  • All forms of PTSD

  • Porn and sex addiction

  • Land and space clearing

  • Spiritual cleansing of the home and physical body

  • Integration support 

  • Plant Medicine consultations

  • Migraines or chronic headaches

  • Recovery from physical, emotional or spiritual trauma

  • Shamanic training and support services 

  • Shadow work

  • Masculine/Feminine Balancing

Contact us directly for prices and availability.