Soul Retrieval Ceremony

Although there is a great amount of Soul Retrieval that occurs within the container of our our Plant Ceremonies, this service is also available on it's own.  It is the Shamanic belief that the Soul fractures during a real or perceived traumatic experience.   This can happen in the womb, in childhood or in adulthood.   It can even happen at some point in the distant past (think past lives).  Sometimes the Soul Part returns on it's own, and sometimes the space where it belongs needs to be cleared out first so that it can return.  The process of clearing this space is called Extraction, and it is included in this Ceremony.   This part of the Soul does not actually go anywhere, but it remains locked away within the Self for protection from it's perceived threat.  It is the Shaman's role to perform an Extraction, retrieve the Soul Parts that are ready to come back to the body through Shamanic Journey, and return them to the person who is seeking assistance.


This service is offered by Nadia and the structure of this work is as follows.  Her hourly rate is $125:


30-60 Minute Consultation/Exploration Session via Zoom

Extraction and Soul Retrieval.  The  average time of this session is between 1-3 hours.  

30-60 Minute optional Integration Session

To read more about how Soul Retrieval looks, please check out Nadia's blog here


If you want to read more about it, we recommend the following books:

Sandra Ingerman's Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self

After you have a Soul Retrieval:  Sandra Ingerman's Welcome Home: Following your Soul's Journey Home

Please contact Nadia for more information or to book your session now.