Scheduling a Ceremony 

Information about our work can be found throughout the website, and most common questions are answered on the FAQ page here.   Please read the site thoroughly before booking for your benefit and for ours. The calendar link below is intended for those who are ready to schedule a Ceremony with Sacred Heart.   

Please note: detailed instructions of Ceremony preparations are sent to you upon booking a Ceremony.

Step 3.
Call with Facilitator

Please Note:

We are pausing all Ceremonies and Services starting on September 1st so that we can take time to rest, integrate, and restructure. 

Your patience is appreciated.

Our remaining dates are booked.  Please check back in November/December for new dates and information.  You can also join the Newsletter for updates!

If you are on our schedule already and have questions or concerns, please reach out to

We apologize, but general inquiries will not be responded to while we are closed.