Land & Space Clearing

Image by Brittany Colette

During 2019, Nadia had the great pleasure to mentor with a traditionally trained Armenian born Shaman in land and property clearing.  Her methods were passed down through many generations of shamans in her family and are very powerful and effective.  Land and Space Clearing includes a consultation, 60-120 minute clearing session depending on the size of the property, and Guidance/Assessment on how to keep the home clear.  

Why might you want a Land and Space Clearing?

  • You are purchasing a new property and want to start fresh.

  • You are a Real Estate Agent and your listing just won't sell or doesn't feel good.

  • You are experiencing "supernatural" activity in your home.

  • A traumatic or violent event has happened on the property.

  • Someone in the home struggles with sleep paralysis or night terrors.

  • You just *feel* like you need to have a clearing done.


Price starts at $250 and varies by location.

Please contact Nadia directly to discuss this offering and schedule a consultation.