How to become a partner

or benefactor

With our vision of making great change to the world through sharing Shamanic practice and knowledge, you can imagine how strongly we hope to create powerful partnerships along the way.  We are always looking for partners in many capacities and especially ones that feel passionate about Shamanism and Plant Medicine work.  While we happily accept donations in any amount, please know that we are not looking for freebies!  We are actively seeking the following:

  • Holistic healing practitioners such as Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Psychologists, Nutrition Coaches or Massage Therapists who we can refer people to for additional support.

  • Local businesses or communities who want to formally support us by way of writing a letter of support, which will be submitted with our grant applications.

  • An environmentally friendly builder who wishes to assist us in building our future 7,000+ sq ft facility near Battleground, Washington. This facility will not be a clinical setting, but a beautiful work of art that is deeply integrated into the environment for Ceremony and worship.  We already have an architect in mind.  

  • Someone with private grant-writing experience who wants to collaborate, sign a contract to work with us, or offer input/proof reading on documents that are submitted.  We would like to use grants to make our services more available to those in need.

  • Any organization interested in partnering with us to share knowledge or for community outreach.

  • Someone who owns significant acreage in Battleground that wants to sell at market value or gift to the Sanctuary.  This land will be honored, respected and used for purposes of community healing instead of selling it to a developer.  We plan to purchase 40+ acres for the building of our facility, Shamanic training and education, Plant Medicine cultivation and reforestation efforts.  This location will be one of five.

  • An individual that has a diverse background in business or a related field and are interested in being on the Board of a very successful non-profit.

  • You have something else to offer that you think will be beneficial to the growth of Sacred Heart and can benefit you as well.  All collaborations will/must be equal in energy exchange!

Additionally, since we are a 501(c)3 compliant Church,  any donations granted to the growth of Sacred Heart Medicine Sanctuary offers tax-deductible opportunities. 


To discuss any of these possibilities further, please contact