About Nadia Doe & Her vision

Nadia originally came into this work to resolve her lifelong depression, Borderline Personality Disorder and addiction.  She was deeply unhappy with life and stuck in an unhealthy place when the plants and ancestors began to call to her. 


As she began walking the Shamanic path, mentors and teachers appeared.  She had the great fortune to learn traditional Ayahuasca Medicine with a Shipibo Maestro as well as mentor with an Armenian Shaman.  Most of her work, however, was done in solitude as she unraveled her own childhood trauma of sexual abuse and learned to heal it through working with the plant spirits and ancestors who had called her forward.

Today, Nadia is best known as a Medicine Woman and her work takes many forms.  Sometimes she is a healer, seeing and addressing dis-ease in the physical or energetic body.  At other times, she is a portal, a bridge between worlds that allows people to reconnect with their true self, or the Divine.  She stewards many into the Plant Medicine space, where she creates the ultimate safe and loving container for people to dive into themselves, to unfold and release what is holding them back.

Nadia is exceptionally gifted in conducting group Ceremony and will transition out of private Ceremonies into group only in 2022.

It is important to note that while she has studied with several traditions, Nadia's work does not follow one tradition, but pieces of many.  She believes that tradition means limitation and that nothing should be done the same way indefinitely.   Just as in life, we are constantly in a state of change and Medicine Work is no different, it needs to change with the time and current need of our planet/collective.  What does not change however, is the respect and reverence for working with Medicine and plant spirits. 

Outside of Plant Medicine work, Nadia continues to offer healing touch and Shamanic counseling.  She has been extensively trained in several energy healing modalities as well as in entity removal, land and space clearing, personality disorder treatment and animal communication.  Nadia is the driving force behind Sacred Heart and is the pillar behind most of the church activities.

In 2019, Nadia was called to relocate to the Pacific Northwest to open the first branch of Sacred Heart Medicine Sanctuary.  Her and her husband, Eric, are currently in the process of finding property to begin construction of the new facility near Vancouver, Washington.

Nadia's "Official" Credentials:
Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church​​​
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Florida #MA89419, Washington is pending
Bodywork for PTSD Training
Craniosacral Therapy  Training (over 72 hours of advanced training)
Shadow Work Practitioner Certification
Reiki Master Certification
Animal Reiki Certification
Pranic Healing Certification
Spiritual Healer Certification
In Progress :
Psychotropic Plants Certification
Sacred Tattooing Course
Real World Experience:
Working 1:1 with over 250 people in Plant Medicine Ceremony Space
3+ years facilitating group Medicine Ceremony
 1 year volunteering with Ayahuasca Retreat Center with 80+ participants every other weekend
6+ months guidance and training with Shipibo Maestro on working with Ayahuasca and other spirit plants
1+ year  mentorship with Armenian Shaman 
10+ years of self study and healing
Just for fun:
Active Volunteer at the Human Society for Southwest Washington

Want to Hear what others are saying?

"I felt so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Nadia in a private ceremony. She is truly gifted. Nadia is extremely present, supportive, insightful, spiritual and empathic which helped me break through so many barriers. This was a life changing experience for me and I can't think of anyone else I would have wanted to walk through this experience with. She was with me all the way which helped me go places that I was once afraid to go. And now, going forward I feel like I have a life long mentor. Thank you Nadia!"

- Beth G

"Nadia is a gifted shaman, medicine woman, energy worker, warm and comforting presence. She holds and maintains space like no one else I've met, and I feel so eternally grateful to have met her. My experience with her was exactly what I needed and was incredibly healing and nurturing. She is a wonderful combination of gentleness and strength and I can't wait to continue to work with her. Couldn't recommend her more."

-Nikke S.

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