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Shamanic Counseling

Nadia currently offers Spiritual Counseling over Zoom.  She will also provide in-person sessions in the Vancouver area on a limited basis and by request only.   This session will be used to explore the Shamanic perspective of issues that may be coming up in your life.   This may include physical, emotional, or energetic challenges that are revealing themselves. You will also discuss the best course of action to re-balance what is out of alignment.   


The session will be a combination of talking, hands-on healing (if you are in person), channeling, tobacco work, or possible Plant Medicine recommendations.  

Please note: most people who are drawn to working with Nadia are actually attracted to her because of her work with the Mushrooms.  In this case, it is the Mushrooms that are calling you and she is just the steward!  If you think you may want to sit in a Ceremony, consider booking a Ceremony Intake call instead and save yourself the extra time/money.

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