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Over my past several years, we have been honored to be featured in several podcasts around the Country.  Some of these appearances are linked below.

We hope to continue being hosted in these outlets as well as others.  Please send us a Media Request if you are interested in hosting or interviewing one of our Co-Founders

Huge thanks to Joe Rogan, who featured us on his Podcast, Episode 1565.  Find that episode and more on his Spotify page here.

Joe Rogan Talking About Psilocybin.jpg

We were honored to talk about the Church and healing sexual trauma with Tara Rose on her Podcast Green Goddess.  You can find more information on Tara and her Podcast at   You can also follow her on Instagram at @GreenGoddessRising.






















In this episode Nadia shares her journey in detail including:

  • How magic mushrooms helped her recover from childhood sexual abuse

  • How she accesses the spirit of Gaia and divine mother through mushroom ceremonies

  • The healing philosophy of the divine feminine

  • Experiencing mental illness, finding holistic wellness solutions and becoming a healer and channel

  • How divine synchronicities led to her forming the nation's first legal mushroom church

  • Her visions of the future for this work.  And more.

You can find that episode here:

Anchor 1

We were honored to observe and lightly participate in this interview with Alan Christopher, talking about his work with tradition, entheogens and treating addiction.  We got all the good vibes from Alan and were able to ask him a few questions of our own.  Alan's work can be found here and he is currently based out of Mexico:














You can find that episode here:

More information about the Entheo Society of Washington here:


I had a great time talking with Jace on the I am Woodstock Podcast.  He had a wonderful personality, an interesting history, and we had a blast hanging out on the floor of our Group Ceremony room.  Give a listen as we explore more about our work and about Shamanism:









You can find that episode here on Spotify and here on Apple Podcast.

More episodes and support can be found here:

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Sonja and I had so much fun doing a Q&A style conversation on her Wellness Wednesday Live Podcast!  Please check out the links below to learn more about her work and to watch our episode.









You can find that episode here on YouTube.

More info about Sonja can be found here:

Are you interested in featuring our work on your podcast, blog or media outlet?  Fill out a request..

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