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Redefining what it means to be a church

Many people who come to Sacred Heart for healing have similar feelings about the word "Church".  For many of us, this word comes with memories of fear, control,  toxic behavior, indoctrination and even severe forms of abuse.  For these reasons, we want to make it clear how Sacred Heart is set apart from the rest.

While Sacred Heart Medicine Sanctuary is indeed a Registered Non-Profit Religious Organization with 501c3 status AND considers itself to be a church, it is not the type of religion we are used to seeing.  At Sacred Heart we practice Shamanism, the oldest form of "religion" known to man.  This practice is holistic, where we sit in Ceremony with Plant Spirit Medicine as Sacrament and work to heal the mind, body, and spirit as one unit.   We learn how to directly connect to the Divine through connection to ourselves - not through a priest or pastor. We work in collaboration with our spirit guides, the spirits of the earth, plants, and animals to heal and live in harmony with our current reality.   Historically, Shamans were also known as spiritual consultants for their tribe. Shamans are able to voluntarily enter a unique state of consciousness to acquire knowledge, healing or power for their communities.  They often have abilities similar to a channeler, psychic, animal communicator and medium.  More about Shamanism here.


The path of spiritual worship and healing is a very personal one, and no two look exactly the same, but we established the Sanctuary to help others on their path because there is no reason to walk it alone.  Since many of us who are drawn to Shamanism are quite far removed from our ancestral lines and healing abilities, it is imperative that we gather to create community, pass down knowledge, and go back to the ancient way of healing and worship. 


In Shamanism, Power is not held in a single book, an unseen deity or a prophet who roamed the earth.  Power resides within each of us and we are here to show you how to access it within yourself.  We do not believe in a single Shamanic lineage or tradition but in every individual's ability to access Shamanic teachings directly from their higher self, their unique ancestral line, and from the natural world around us.


It is important to share that we will never ask you to give your power away and we will never ask that you show up being anyone other than who you are.

Additionally, we do not require membership to be involved with our Church, to sit in Ceremony.  We also charge set fees for some of our Services instead of calling them "Donations" because we do believe we should pay taxes and calling something a donation when it is not - is not ok.  Donations are happily accepted of course and are taken for the majority of our community events, public Ceremony or otherofferings.  



You can read more about Nadia and her vision here.  Nadia has been personally practicing Shamanism for several years for her own healing work as well as through assisting others.  Shortly after her first Ceremony with Plant Medicine, she became aware of her life path and ability to speak with the plants.  It was clear that she was to help others heal with Shamanic Practice and Plant Medicine Ceremony, specifically working with Psilocybin Mushroom Medicine as Sacrament, by providing a bridge between humans, the plants, and the Divine.   She began to be of service to others immediately, but  kept that work underground for some time.   Through helping others, she met a brilliant young attorney who offered to help her gain legal permission from the DEA to perform her work in the open (more about that process here).   That was when she knew it was time to grow.


Then, in 2019, she was called to relocate to the Portland, Oregon area and open a Sanctuary space to hold Ceremony and community events for others to assist them on their journey.

Nadia works primarily out of her home and borrowed spaces at this time while she searches for a permanent church property in the Brush Prairie/Battleground area of Washington State.  Nadia's long-term goal is to have a large space for regularly scheduled weekly events, a place to conduct Plant Diets, a permanent home for Ceremonies and immersive experiences with Shamanic Practice.  She also dreams of creating a collaborative space where she can offer medium-term housing for those who are struggling with more complex mental illnesses and are seeking support with Shamanic tools.  She has a passion for shamanically supporting Dissociative Identity Disorder, CPTSD, Addiction, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Schizophrenia.  

For ongoing Community Events, please check out our meetup:  

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