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Other Practitioners we Recommend 

Image by Kelly Sikkema

We love referring people to authentic and skilled practitioners whenever possible.   We are not able to specialize in all things healing and it is important that we offer a list of people who can provide what we cannot.  Below please find our personal favorite list of practitioners we find who are genuinely good at what they do.  Most of which have a Shamanic flavor to their work and all of which are personally screened by Nadia.  We will update the list as frequently as possible to keep it current.  

Before and After Ceremony Support:

Angie Fagg

Integration Support for Plant Medicine Ceremony 

Remotely and in Portland, Oregon

Amy Liz

Body Code and Emotion Code Pracitioner.  Great for beginner-level coaching and identifying limiting beliefs. 

Remotely and Portland, OR

Travis Pieron

Counselor with a passion for Integration and a skillset to support you in every area 


Remotely and local to Vancouver, WA

Henry Fields

Hypnosis and Intuitive Counseling


Doane Rising, MD

Practicing psychotherapist with 25 years of experience. Passion for dream work, trauma, helping people feel both more aligned with and have a deeper understanding of their core self and personal strengths.

Capitol Hill, Seattle with Telehealth Possible


Sarah McMinn

Spiritual Life Coach


Dave Conway, LCSW

Licensed in Michigan and Florida

Kristen Yates

Medicine Woman & Integration Specialist: Magical in many arenas

Remotely from Peru

Sophia Gebbia-Richards

Integration Specialist - Telehealth Available

Remote & Aspen, Colorado

Healers and/or Facilitators of all things magical:

Angela Benck

Medicine Woman and Integration Specialist , with a focus on inner child healing 


Amy Anthony

Sound and Energy Healer

Based out of Winter Park, FL

Anna Axlund

1:1 Sound Healer

Vancouver, WA

Leanne Gerrard

Energy Medicine Practitioner who also has an incredible cabin rental in the local mountains. 

Complete with a labyrinth and portal on the property!

Alan Christopher

Psychonatural Therapy and other Plant Medicine


Amaya Urzaa  

Psychic Medium & Coach

Remotely & Portland, OR  

Maria Nova

Certified Tantra Practitioner

Teacher and Healer

Portland, OR 

Chelsea Raye

Reiki Healing and Sound Healing

Vancouver, WA

Seth Mehr, MD

Heart-Centered Ketamine clinic

Portland, OR

Nadia Hrynkiw

Plant Medicine, Hands-on Healing, Shamanic Healing & Guidance, Psychic, Teacher

Brush Prairie, WA, and remotely

Matt Howe

Craniosacral Therapy God, Specialty in PTSD

Cincinnati, OH

Dallas Shiemke

Energy healer based in Vancouver, WA

Dr. Jennifer Stebbing

Incredibly gifted DO that specializes in healing injury with holistic and non-invasive approaches (covered by insurance)

Camas, WA

Dr. Benjamin Stumpf

DO specializing in root cause of illness and craniosacral therapy.   (covered by insurance)

He also does other energetic things you just have to experience for yourself to understand.

Camas, WA

Sharon Ann Rose

Women's Work

Portland, OR

Ida Cavewoman

Practitioner of Nordic Folk Magic & Medicine


Ani Avedissian

Shaman, Healer & Teacher

Remote and Wilsonville, OR 


Healer, Teacher & Womb Shaman

Remote and Nederland, CO 


Shaman, Psychic, Healer

General Self Care: 

Rebecca Tryon

Intuitive LMT specializing in Chronic Pain, Deep Tissue, Targeted Area Work, & Posture Correction

Vancouver, WA

Text: 971-340-7105


Fern & Fae for bodywork services (we recommend Laurel!)

Vancouver, WA 

Cascade Athletic Club in Fisher's Landing

Vancouver, WA 

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine Student clinic

Affordable Herbal and Acupuncture Support

Portland, OR

Juli Greenwald

Yoga Nidra Instructor

Amanda Gerace

Incredible Massage Therapist

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