Other Practitioners we Recommend 

Image by Kelly Sikkema

We love referring people to our friends and colleagues whenever possible.  We understand that our methods and attitude may not suit everyone and that's OK!  We also cannot specialize in all things healing!  Below please find our personal favorite list of practitioners for the services that are listed.  We will update the list as frequently as possible to keep it current.

Angie Duplis - Energy and Shamanic  Healer - Remote work offered, based out of Orlando, FL - https://www.facebook.com/OcotilloHealing

Amy Anthony - Sound and Energy Healer - Based out of Winter Park, FL - https://www.sacredtemplehealingarts.com/

Ani Avedissian - Shaman, Healer & Teacher - Remote offered and local to Wilsonville, OR - http://aniavedissian.com/

Anna Axlund - Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Sound Healer - Vancouver, WA - https://intuneholisticwellness.net/

Eliza - Healer, Teacher & Womb Shaman - Nederland, CO - https://www.riseshinelove.com/

Breathe Yoga & Massage for bodywork services.  Chelsea is a personal favorite - Vancouver, WA  - https://www.breatheyogavancouver.com/

Cascade Athletic Club in Fisher's Landing - Personal Training with Lisa &  general gym membership - Vancouver, WA - https://cascadeac.com/vancouver/

Natalie Stevens - Integration and Spiritual Coach - email Natalie@SacredHeartMedicine.us 

Leanne Gerrard - Energy Medicine Practitioner who also has an incredible cabin rental in the local mountains.  Complete with a labyrinth and portal on the property!  https://leannegerrard.com/

Alan Christopher - Psychonatural Therapy and other Plant Medicine - Mexico - https://www.entheohealing.com/

Amaya Urzaa - Psychic Medium & Coach - Remotely & Portland, OR - https://www.amayaurzaa.com/

Henry Fields - Hypnosis and Intuitive Counseling - Remotely & Portland, OR - https://inwarddive.com/