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Mental Healthcare:
It's Time for a Shift

One of Nadia's greatest passions in her work, and with building Sacred Heart, has been providing clarity and support for those who are struggling with their mental health.  She has found great success and joy through sharing Shamanic practice and perspective to help make common conditions more manageable and better understood from a spiritual perspective.  It makes for a more holistic understanding of why we feel the way we feel.


One of the long term goals with Sacred Heart is to integrate Shamanic Ceremony and practice with the Western Mental Healthcare Model available.  This means that we cultivate a Shamanic practice in addition to seeking help from a licensed medical professional (when needed).  This may also mean collaborating with doctors for those wishing to sit in Ceremony with us.


The Shamanic perspective of mental health is that nearly all ailments are a result of separation from our core self and from personal power, and all are caused by some form of trauma and unprocessed emotions.  It is our belief that everyone has some form of trauma.   That's where Shamanic Ceremony and perspective can help.  We sit in Ceremony to connect with our core self and to heal or bring back the aspects that have been separated. 

Unfortunately, our mental healthcare system is often so focused on treating the symptom that is ailing a patient so that they can carry on with their life, that they may not actually address the root cause of the symptom!  This approach may be very beneficial for many people, but we see symptoms as the body and/or soul trying to communicate an aspect of self that needs to be resolved or integrated.  The Western Mental Healthcare Model is a great avenue when we are in crisis and when we need additional support, but it is not always a holistic solution for living our best life.  

If we bridged these two perspectives, think of the possibilities!  

As part of this path, we do believe that Psilocybin Therapy (what we work with as Shamanic Ceremony with Mushrooms) also belongs in the hands of Plant Medicine Women and Men, Plant Medicine Carriers,  and Shamans.  This may mean in collaboration with doctors or therapists, but not always.  We think it is important that everyone have the choice to work with this powerful Fungi, or any other Plant Medicine, with either a medical professional or a spiritual professional depending on their choice or unique needs.   We believe that both options should always be available and accessible.  

Are you ready to explore a spiritual approach to understanding your mental health through cultivating a Shamanic practice or by sitting in Ceremony?  Reach out now and schedule a consultation.

**Please note we are not medical professionals and cannot provide medical advice or treatment.  We are here to support you spiritually, which may indirectly impact your physical, emotional and energetic state.  We always recommend additional support of a coach, therapist, psychiatrist or Naturopath when possible or necessary.  

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