It's Time for a Change

shamanic healing

Our Western Mental Health Model is based on treating symptoms.  We treat whatever symptom is ailing the patient so that they can carry on with their life, without actually addressing the root cause of the symptom.  This system creates customers, not healing.  We have individuals who have been on Wellbutrin for 20 years.  Some who have been in therapy for 15 or are on their 30th different type of medication for their "Treatment Resistant Depression".  They have lost touch with all emotions, feel undriven and unfulfilled with their life and as a result they are merely surviving, not thriving.  

We are not here to survive, we are here to thrive, and we owe it to ourselves to stop numbing our emotions with medications and therapy that has no end in sight.  Healing any ailment is possible as long as you are ready to truly look within yourself .  

As part of this work, we also believe that all work with Psilocybin Therapy (what we consider Shamanic Ceremony with Mushroom Medicine) belongs out of the hands of the Pharmaceutical Companies and Western Doctors entirely and into the hands of Plant Medicine Women and Men.   Our Western system of "healing" has a place in emergency medical care, but is not holistic or successful in the long term.  Our health, mental health included, needs to be addressed in ways that worked for our ancestors and were shunned by society for hundreds of years as witchcraft.  It's time to bring those ways back.

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There are a lot of systemic issues in our Country, including the way we treat our mental health.  We all know we need a Mental Health System reform, but no one knows where to start. 


I suggest we start here, with healing on a soul level and out of the Medical System entirely. 


All mental health ailments are a result of separation within self, and all are caused by soul trauma.  That's where Shamanic healing can help.  We have worked with people who have everything from PTSD to Depression and Dissociative Identity Disorder, and the course is always the same.  Once the traumas are confronted, accepted, and healed, the symptoms disappear.