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Microdosing as a Shamanic Practice

Image by Jesse Dodds

Microdosing as a Shamanic Practice is offered in a group setting only every few months in Vancouver, WA.  In general, the Microdosing applies to working with Mushroom Medicines, but other Plant Diets may be offered or requested for private work. 


The schedule for these gatherings can be found on Meetup here:


Microdosing is a term that gets used a lot in the psychedelic community due to it’s effectiveness in helping with an array of ailments. There are an abundance of positive experiences out there shared by people who have had great success using it to either heal or just improve their quality of life.


But what if it can be more?

In this group, we will go through what it means to Microdose on a Shamanic level. We will talk about how to work with the plants as allies and teachers rather than treating them like a pill that needs to be popped to fix our symptoms or like a recreational drug. Everyone in the group will follow a provided Microdosing protocol lasting four weeks and participate in a follow-up Integration group to share experiences and support.  The non-psychoactive plants worked with will be blended specifically for each group and are dependent upon which plant spirits want to come through.  Essentially, we will be going through a 30 day Ceremony together.

Participation at both the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony is required for attendance.  The two groups will be held 28 days apart.  

This group works well alongside the Sacred Tobacco Ceremony and the two are often held on the same day.

This service is offered within the group setting mentioned above for $100.  If you are seeking private guidance, you can book a session with Nadia here.  



Read more about Microdosing risks and benefits here:

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