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Sacred Heart Medicine Psilocybin Ceremony

Sacred Heart Medicine Sanctuary

Serving the Community Since 2018

Meet the Team

Why Consider Shamanism?

In our modern culture, we are often too busy treating symptoms to address the real cause of our ailments.  Our version of Shamanism involves getting in touch with your true self, working with your ancestors, and working with the plant world to help you live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.  

Why Shamanic Healing?
Flower Branch
Plants are Teachers with Gifts to Share

Shamans are natural communicators with plant spirits.  We can provide guidance and support on how to work with plants in a ceremony setting with the intent to connect, learn and heal.  Plant Medicine allows us to connect to the divine within ourselves for guidance on how to move forward in our lives.   Plants are teachers and they have many gifts to share with us.

Holistic Support

From hands-on healing to Ceremony, shamanic tools and counseling.  Shamanic practice is holistic, working with the mind, body and spirit.

Trauma Recovery

It is our belief that all dis-ease and discord in life is due to soul trauma and unprocessed emotions. This trauma repeats itself throughout our lifetime until it is healed.  Unlocking and healing that trauma using Shamanic Journeywork allows us to embody wholeness.


After shadow work has been initiated we all need support bringing our current self and separated self together.  This is Integration.


Learn to live life from a place of love and wholeness instead of from fear.  If we don't know who we really are, how can we have purpose?  Shamanic practice helps connect you to your true self through bringing in soul parts that have been separated.  

Trouble Moving Forward

Shamanic work can get you unstuck and moving past your blocks or barriers.  Sometimes we need a little help reaching the next layer within ourselves.

Ancestral Connection

Reconnecting with your ancestors through Shamanic Ceremony to receive support, uncover gifts and heal traumas.

Trauma-Informed Care

Shamanic practice is based on the resolution or healing of the damage caused by trauma.  As a result, everything we do is deeply trauma-informed.



Nadia is warm, caring individual who helps identify and navigate healing in a way that we simply can’t do alone. I’m grateful to work with such an intuitive and skilled shaman. I highly recommend her."    

- Dan B.


What we do.

Image by Manuel Barroso Parejo

Plant Medicine

This primary form of Ceremony here at Sacred Heart takes place through working with Plant Medicine as and with Sacrament.


Other Services

We offer a variety of other services to support you on your spiritual journey with a focus on community building and Shamanic teaching.

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