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Remembering There is a Human in Every Healer

Several years ago there was a book that was recommended to me about healthy masculinity.  I was diving into the early stages of understanding the difference between "men's work" and "women's work", and a friend of mine said that this book was a must-read.  I resonated with much of what was in the book, but then at one point, I hit this chapter where it felt like everything had changed.   The way the words felt had changed.   All of a sudden, I could feel an undercurrent of predatory energy that overshadowed everything else that was to be said in the book.  It was as if the deeper layers of the author were being revealed.  From that chapter on, the book held an entirely different energy and it was clear that none of the other information included was to be taken in (by me).  The remaining information had been colored or filtered by this predatory energy I was picking up on.  It was only recently that I met other people who knew this author personally and confirmed what I had felt about this aspect of his energy.  Turns out that in the human world, he wasn't a very good person even though much the information he channeled was solid.  The predatory energy that he carried in his day-to-day (stemming from human-based shadow) had tainted some of the information wanting to flow through him.

This was the first time I was confronted with the lesson about the human-ness of healers.  I was learning about how you can be a healer, and you can channel deep and profound information for the collective, but at the end of the day, you are still human.  You are therefore subject to all the things that come with being human, such as wounding, ego, and disconnection from source.  And you must learn to be both human and healer all at the same time.

Yet, this perspective goes in two directions equally, and I want to discuss both more deeply.  

Perspective One: That Healer is Still a Human

I think we all go through this phase where we know or see someone who just blows our mind.  It might be a scientist, an artist, an actor, or a healer.  This person does things or knows things in a way that leads us to feel awe.  Because they remain in this "idol" position, we often forget that they are in fact human, just like the rest of us.  This happens a lot in the spiritual world, especially with gurus and teachers.  It is often those individuals on the healing path who have been on it for a long time or who are perceived as "successful" in what they do.  It is not uncommon to put a healer on a pedestal for being awesome, but then to allow yourself to be crushed when their human side comes out, when they express having a human experience, or even if what they say no longer resonates for you.  Any of these things can shatter the pedestal. 

Let's not forget that the pedestal experience itself is simply projecting your personal power onto someone else.

I frequently have a mixed bag of experiences as a practitioner in this arena.  Sometimes people will be refreshed by my admittance of my human experience and struggles, and sometimes it causes people to immediately stop working with me.  I do feel conflicted over it sometimes, but I feel it is important to bring my human-ness into my work.  This is part of what makes me, me.   My human, who is and always will be a work in progress, has the occasional panic attack, struggles with her marriage and relationship to being a mother, and also encounters the once-in-a-blue-moon existential crisis moment where we don't know why we are here and what the f*** we are doing.  

The truth is, right in this moment, if I weren't firmly in the human world while also being in the spirit world, I wouldn't be able to do the work that I do.  I am in a human body for the human experience, at least to some extent, and I believe that comes with its own set of learning experiences that allow for deep and profound growth.  Might this change in the future?  

I don't know, but I sure hope not.

Additionally, and especially now, there are many healers and channelers in the world who have incredible messages and energy to share.  We are exploding with spiritual awakening.  However, it's easy to forget that we are still human and that some of what we share may be pure and incredible, AND some of what we share will inevitably be colored through our own trauma or wounding as a human walking the path of healing.  Now is this necessarily bad? No, I don't believe anything is good or bad.  It's just something to understand and keep in mind.  

As humans, we are flawed on a genetic level and that is something that cannot be escaped in our 3D reality.   It doesn't matter how pure or loving our spirit self is.  We will have certain needs and limitations based on our personal experience as a human, but also based on our bigger level of spiritual development as spiritual beings, DNA, and collective evolution.

On a different level, be wary of any healer who denies or hides their human-ness.  It means they are not only hiding it from you, they are hiding it from themselves.  

Perspective Two: Your Human is Still a Healer…  and Other Considerations

With all that we discussed above, it is easy to write someone off due to their human-ness.  But I invite you to remember, even for just a moment, that nearly every human has the potential to be a healer. I mean that, really.   

Just because a person has some (serious or not-so-serious) humans flaws does not mean they can't be a phenomenal healer, channeller or magician.  The real question is: does their magic come from their shadow, their ego, or from their heart?  This is the true compass for working with a healer or stepping into "healing work" yourself.  Additionally, don't judge what healing looks like for yourself or for others.  Your medicine will not look like mine.  In fact,  a starbucks barista can be just as powerful as any other "healer" if that is their true path and calling.  Think about it, they literally touch hundreds of people per day!  If they do that as their true self, healed and in their power, they have the potential to change the world by their vibration alone. One cup at a time.  That's insane to think about, isn't it?

And this is why.  Being a healer isn't actually about healing anyone.  It's about being yourself fully, following your calling no matter what it is, and showing up every day.  Doing your own healing work as it presents itself.  Sharing your voice, your vibration, your talent with the world.  That is Medicine.  That is how we heal others.  It's not by going out and "healing everyone".

Don't discount your practitioner or your own inner magic because you have money struggles, relationship struggles, or more healing that needs to be done.  Doing your own personal work as a healer (and as a human) is super important, but it doesn't need to be fully complete in order for you to be bringing your medicine to the world.   Neither does mine.

I repeat, do not wait until you are "fully healed" before you start bringing your medicine to the world.  I don't believe there is a stopping point for that work. Ever.  

Final Thoughts

I share this perspective on healers and human-ness because I know there are many people who need to hear it right now.  Many people who allow their human flaws to hold them up in accepting their true calling in life.  So work on human stuff AND also answer the call at the same time.  That call from your soul that tells you you're in the wrong field.  That you need to be pursuing ______.  Get some help with it if you need to.  I also share this because I personally believe that understanding different perspectives on these topics is actually what paves the road to enlightenment - one of the many paths that lead to opening up your own healing work.

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