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Why Are We Here?

There is one question that I find myself asking often and boy is it a big one. It’s about why we are here (on Earth, in this human experience). It’s one of those existential questions that I don’t know if I will ever stop circling back to for deeper reflection. Despite the fulfilling nature of my work and life in general, I constantly come back to this need to revisit this inquiry and gently remind myself of the answer. Without it, I simply get lost in the sauce of human existence.

Regardless of what is happening around me and for me, the answer to this question never changes, only my ability to forget it! Personally, I believe we are here for two very specific things: To fully be who we are and to experience life as this fully embodied being to the greatest extent possible. Now this may seem simple, but if you really sat down and evaluated how you walk through life, would you find that you are actually doing both of them? Let’s explore them a little further.

Who Are You?

Ok, so each of us is a uniquely crafted individual born from a specific bloodline, spiritual origin, childhood trauma cocktail, and raised at a point in time that has defining societal characteristics. Every person also carries a Medicine that can only be brought into the world through embodying the full self who has been shaped by, yet stripped of, all of these qualities. It is in the stripping process that we can uncover that full self. This is the healing journey in a nutshell.

If you consider the way you are showing up in the world, are you aware of what area(s) in your life you are still not showing up as your authentic self?

I will give you some examples of what this may look like:

  • You are still being held back by your trauma in a big way. This may manifest itself as a fear of intimacy or of other things that should be a “positive” experience, social anxiety, recurring negative self-talk, not having the job you want because you don’t believe in yourself, etc. All of these primarily originate in childhood.

  • There are big themes in your family that you also recognize in yourself, such as women who don’t claim their personal power, men who never stick around, “genetic illness”, etc. This is an indicator that bloodline or ancestral work is needing to be addressed.

  • You are not in touch with your spiritual home or not fully present here on Earth. This often presents as not feeling like you belong, a longing sense for “home” that you can never find the bottom of, feeling more connected to the stars or some other location you can’t quite put your finger on. These individuals often have supernatural experiences at a young age or a strong pull to occurrences such as ET abductions, Skin Walker Ranch, or Dolores Cannon-type topics. Connecting to the spirit realm (whatever that means to you) will help you have a better understanding of your soul origin.

Looking at all of these categories of your life, and exploring them shamanically, can help you uncover and establish a better sense of who you are, This includes where you come from, what your gifts are, and how to show up in the world more fully as yourself.

Part of living as who you are is bringing your Medicine into the world and sharing it with as many people as possible. This is the most important key to the human existence puzzle and the ultimate goal of spiritual healing.

For the record, I believe we are healing these parts I mentioned above until the day we die. However, at some point, the scales will tip and we are mostly operating from our whole/authentic/true/higher self.

“The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are. Rather it is about unbecoming who you are not.”

Experience Life Fully as Who You Are

The second part of this equation, which can (and should) happen in tandem with the first, is to experience life fully as this whole version of you. As more pieces of you emerge and integrate, the way you show up to experience life will shift.. if you let it.

This is where we come up against deeper aspects of our trauma and adopted belief systems. It’s also where we are given the choice to do the real work, the work that changes us. Example: You have discovered that your mom’s narcissism impacted the way your personality and defense mechanisms developed as a child. That’s awesome! So are you showing up differently now that you know? Probably not, because knowing is not enough to change. You now know why you are the way you are, how it impacts your life, and may start to glimpse who you are underneath it, but that’s only half the battle. Now we have to do the work of excavating the trauma that lives in your nervous system, process it through the body and energy field, and replace the belief systems with something that reflects truth. This results in the ability to embody that true self.

Only when this has been done can we really operate in life as the person we came here to be and share our Medicine with others. If there are things in your life that still feel “sticky” or “stuck”, this is likely a result of the need to excavate and process trauma. If your outer world doesn’t feel like it reflects who you are on the inside, this is also an indicator. You can know who you are not, but you can’t really know who you are if you have a buggy program still running in the background. We can’t move forward as our full selves from that space.

Here are some examples of how this shows up in my life:

  • Until recently, I have not been able to show up physically the way that I feel spiritually, and it has to do with the way I treat my avatar (body).. I used to eat to comfort myself because my nervous system was shot from childhood trauma and then a toxic marriage. I was raised with an intense diet culture, beauty standards, and low self-esteem imposed by my mother (unconsciously) and society. I am hyper-aware of the details and reasons behind all of this and have identified parts of “who I am” in this process, yet the change has taken years to accomplish. Below all of these facets was a core belief about self-love that I couldn’t even look at until my divorce began — which was part of my work to be done. This change, and the oppurtunity to live from this healthy place of self-love, has taken a daily commitment to myself that I have only just begun.

  • I know who I am in how I show up in my work (badass Shaman/Healer/Psychic!) but when it comes to human stuff, I am still a massive work in progress. It’s weird to know who you are on a cosmic level, but to struggle with basic things like budgeting or taking care of your body. This has required me to begin looking at how I value my worth, my dependency on men to take care of me (father wound!) and remaining grounded in reality. Clearing out the relationships that continue to damage my nervous system and giving it a chance to heal. I know who I am AND I need to learn how to move in the 3D in order to fully show up as myself in the world… in order to fully share my Medicine.

Final Thoughts

I would encourage you to ask yourself — do you know who you are, and are you showing up as that full version of yourself? If not, do you know why? This is one of the biggest things that Shamanic Coaching can help with. However, we rarely know the answers to life’s big mysteries because we aren’t asking the right questions.

I have a lot of feelings about why we are here on Earth. They wax and wane depending on my mood and what is happening in my life. Sometimes I hate it (haha) and other times I feel a deep desire to help, heal, and “find others”. Mostly, I am just trying to figure out how to be the best and fullest version of me I can be. And to have fun with it. Lately, as I have been diving deeper into childhood wounding, this means incorporating lots of play in my life. I takes the form of interior decorating and learning how to dance, and it helps me show up more fully as who I am in all other areas of my life.

What do you think? Do you have any beliefs or understandings around why we are here? Does any of what I am sharing ring true for you?

Why are we here?

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