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No, Psilocybin Mushrooms can't fix you... They show you how to fix yourself.

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

I can’t tell you that people don’t come out of Ceremony feeling like a new person – that really does happen frequently enough. That can happen when you come to any type of Ceremony with a strong intention and a proficient Ceremony Facilitator. Sometimes they even have a death and rebirth, symbolically allowing them to move forward as this brand new person. However, that’s not always the case. Often people come to Ceremony thinking that this will be the thing that changes their life or fixes their “problem”. They don't realize that Ceremony is actually much more than that.

My question to you is – do you really want something to fix your problems? Or do you want to be shown how to fix them yourself?

It’s that whole “give a man a fish or show a man to fish” thing.

I request that if you sit in Ceremony with Psilocybin, you come with the intention to connect with God. The aspect of God that resides within yourself.

Let me get real with you. We are here in this lifetime to have experiences. We are here to feel our feelings, to grow and to learn about ourselves and this beautiful world we live in. We are here to experience trauma so we can overcome that trauma and become stronger as a result. Like it or not, we CHOSE to incarnate here.

So with all that in mind, if you have depression, that symptom is there for a reason, it’s there because it’s covering something else up that you are not willing to look at. If we magically take away that depression, or dull it even, you never see the thing that it’s covering up and therefore never have the opportunity to learn and grow from it. Thus we have the feelings of being “stuck” or “not moving forward in life” because we literally cannot move forward without experiences that show us how to through growth.

This Medicine is not about “fixing” you. In reality, no pill or treatment can do that – it can only support you in certain areas, such as to dull anxiety or stabilize emotions. The idea behind working with Plant Medicine is to connect with your inner Divine so you can see your own perfection as you are today, it is to help you figure out who you really are underneath your symptoms and shines the light on what holds you back from living your life fully. I

t is up to you to take those insights and lessons you receive in the Ceremony and apply them to your life. The Medicine will give you the tools, perhaps even the instructions, as well as a new perspective on yourself and on your life – but it is your choice and your power to use them moving forward. This type of Ceremony is about putting that power back into your own hands, where it belongs. Power does not belong in the hands of medications, doctors or even healers – it belongs in our hands as individual sovereign beings. This is what Mushroom Medicine is all about.

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